A Summer Day.

My summer routine. -_-

How’s your summer? heeeee :>

how i wish

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is beauty

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This is my creepy bestfriend. Servand Raymund Soon Rizarri! :)

Universal Studios, Singapore <3

My family and I went on a trip to Singapore on the first week of Summer to go visit my Dad. :3

Day 1: Universal Studios

Day 2: Singapore Zoo

Day 3: Costa Sands, Wild Wild Wet

Day 4: Bugis, rode a train

Day 5: Orchard Street shopping!

Day 6: Went out with Gino’s family, my bestfriend 

Day 7: Home :(

Vans! <3

Dessert made by Mom.

Mmmmmmm! I love desserts, especially made by my Mom. <3 have a good night everyoneeeee :)

Anonymous said: Happy Birthday, Nins!! I love you! I miss you, bigtime ♥ - Gabs

Thanks Gabsss! mwaahugss :* i love you more ♥


A busy day.

I woke up at around 8am and had some breakfast. Sunny side-up anyone? :) Afteer a while I gave my little dog a battthhh! He smells good now. Heee. Then I browsed through some of our DVDs and found PS2 games and figured it wouldn’t hurt if I played PS2 while killing the time because I had to meet up some friends at Ayala at around 1pm. So I played Burnout 3 & Kung Fu Panda 3 for the whole morning and had so much fun! I was all alone playing since my mom was at her office and my sisters were at school for practice. Ours was cancelled. Back to the gaming thing. Afterwards I met my friend Sofia, and we went to Ayala along with Xavier, Marianne and Diether. I didn’t have much fun thought.. :/ I didn’t talk a lot, I dont know why. I just figured, you know.. They’re not that much fun anymore, you know? I want my friends back, I want my classmates back too. :| You know? My usual friends! Aimee, Sheena MY BARKADAAAA. I mean, you know. I love Sofia and everything, but hanging out with those two dudes can be soooo, :? Idk. Right after I went to Parkmall and met my mom and sister. We had grocery and we ate at Manila Foodshoppe. <3 yuuummm!

We went home afterwards. GOOODNIGHTTT NOW. :*


Employees’ Day

Today is Employees’ Day, no classes for us! :) A lot of people are in JMall right now, auditioning for PBB: Teen Edition. :3 Goodluck to them!

Good morning :)

Going to the international boat, Logos Hope later on <3

have a great day xoxo :D

Pray & praise the Lord. O:)

The motto of my life, thru your ups and downs He’s there. In joy and in sadness, He’s there. In victory and failures, He’s there. Whatever may happen, wherever you may go, He’s there. 

If your future scares you and your past may hurt. Then remember God who will never fail you. <3

Hottest chicks in town.

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